Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Back

As yet another 52 Day Challenge approaches I am reminded that I haven't updated my blog in a month or so.....

I did manage to participate in yet another Warrior Dash. What a blast Mud, Sweat and Beer. the best part was that both my wife and my Mom were able to participate.

Where else can a 47 year old cover himself in mud and then get 3 free beers and a medal? This is the second Warrior Dash that I've worn this same shirt and this time my Mother took on the challenge of getting the mud out of it.....

At the race end most donate their shoes where Green Sneakers washes and then washes them again and ships them off to those who need sneakers....not a bad way to be a humanitarian and get 3 free beers.

Since the last warrior dash I've eased off the weights, it's really been the first break since last summer. I did manage to keep up with my cardio logging approx 12 miles or so a week. My weight has held between 214 and 218 those 3 free beers have planted themselves right on my hips.

I joined a local gym.....The special that they were running was one of those deals that I couldn't pass up. This evening was my second visit and lo and behold there he was 18 years old 6' 2" 140lbs and doing the one and only squat rack...I almost pee'd in my pants.

My goals for the Summer Challenge are as follows
CE: 90
RT: 20
CT: 209
PG1: 40-4-40
PG2: Drop at least 5lbs
 Why is that 210lb mark so damn elusive?