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Seven years ago I was in excess of 280lbs my diet consisted mainly of foods that had never had a heartbeat and my exercise was bending over to tie my shoes.

I looked like this, believe it or not I felt OK, I didn't get winded going up stairs, I was able to do things with my family. Then one night getting out of the car for dinner I fainted...so I hauled myself into the doctor and got a physical....what a mess...apparently drinking a 6-pack of Mtn. Dew per day can mess with your blood sugar...who would've thought that? My triglycerides were off the charts, I was a mess.

I'm now 47, still feel OK, probably better than OK....I'm in the gym 3 to 4 times a week for strength training and manage to get in 3 or 4 cardio sessions per week. I travel throughout the South Eastern U.S.A. to the tune of 70+ airplane flights per year so I get to workout in a variety of gyms. My diet probably isn't as solid as it should be and I like beer...not low carb light beer but real, and heavy beer. I do my share of 5k's and Warrior Dash's. My next plan is to start participating in some of the local triathlons.

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