Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ever Had One Of Those Days

The alarm went off waking and bringing me only to a level of confusion.  Usually, I am up before the alarm.  I stumbled into the bathroom and just stood there in the dark.  The voices in my head argued.  “Go back to sleep you will be on vacation next week and can double up on your workouts.” - ”No – get it done today and allow yourself to enjoy your vacation.”  I stood there – holding onto the back of a chair until the voices quieted down and I decided to go to the gym.  What did it matter if it was not the best workout or if all I did was to go through the motions.  Another 40 minute RT would have been chalked up. READ MORE.......

The above was written by TNT Man,  an active and supportive member on the Men's Health Forums.... I plan to be as active and healthy he is till the day I leave this earth. 

We've all had those days when we just don't want to get our of bed, get motivated and get going with the day. I kind of had one of those days this morning. It was the first night home in a week, the dog got walked at 3:45 AM ( don't ask me about that ) and since my wife blew out her Achilles I knew there was no way that she would be accompanying to the gym.......but I also knew that my body needed the I dragged my lazy road weary behind out of bed and off to the gym I went...and an hour or so later I felt like a new man.

Speaking of road weary here's one of the reasons and one of the reasons I lost a CE......ready for this...dinner Budweiser, fried pickles, grilled gator, seafood gumbo and an oyster po-boy....I was as bloated as I could be... then couple that with an early morning flight home and while being on Central time and my body still being on Eastern time... I was one bloated, tired human being. Plus to top it off I showed up for the Miss Crawfish pageant only to discover that I should have read the sign closer.