Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final Numbers

CE: 93/104/90 (103.33%)
RT: 21/20 (105%)
CT: 30/20 (150%)
PG1 (40-4-40): 51/40 (127.5%)
PG2 (Warrior Dash): 1/1 (100%)
PG3 (Lose 10lbs): 15.6/10 (156%)

I did what I set out to do....get my exercise and diet back in focus. I must say thanks to all of the 52DC participants as they provided some great motivation.. I'm already thinking of some new PG's "No Walmart on the weekend", "No technology after 6:00 pm on Saturday", "Slow or Low Carb Diet"

I must say that I saw the scale creep up a few pounds this morning...homemade pizza, brownies and that wonderful malt beverage last night...but I got in a RT this afternoon so all in all I'm hoping that it all evens out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dinner On the Road

If you saw some crazy man in Wegmans this evening in a red t-shirt and black shorts it was I....(someone forgot to look at the weather report before leaving the house this morning)....Wegmans is my place to shop on the road. Fresh, fresh, fresh food and not all that expensive.

This evening in Hotel Kitchen Stadium it was a cranberry chicken salad, almonds, orange, a low carb wrap and a pouch of Starkist tuna warmed in the coffee pot.
It's amazing what kind of foods you can pack into a suitcase and then add imagination and a microwave and or a coffeepot you can whip up a pretty damn good meal.

I ended up working out at MAC Express this evening. I've trained there before, it's a great place...and it's close to the hotel and Wegmans.
As with most gyms the squat rack was all mine....the best thing about this place is that it's located on McCormick Road...McCormick road as in the spice company. There are times when you can actually smell the spices when you leave the gym..

Years ago and in a previous blog life I took a picture where McCormick advertised "Food Testers Needed!" can't make this stuff up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Stuff

I haven't spent much time updating this last week so here's a run down of some stuff I've come across.

Meet John Wallace III

You would almost have to know the thrill of committing to your own running streak to understand it…

I’ve run every day for the last 3,400 days.

I’ve logged a total of 11,500 miles at an average of 3.38 miles per day! My running streak has been a part of my daily routine for so long, that I can’t imagine a day without running; it really feeds itself once you get this far into it. I’m a proud member of the Running Streak Association of America, and currently hold the #135 spot on the active list of 257 members. The top four members have 40+ year streaks! At the end of October of this year, I’ll reach the 10 year mark. LINK

I'm not a runner, it's almost my mantra..I ran last night and my first mile clocked in at 10:20 is that fast or slow (the second two miles were over 12:00)? Who knows! The thing I don't like about running is the competition that I have with myself over time and distance - faster or further Ughhh. I think about John and his running each and everyday - what an amazing streak - I did 18 miles this week and I'm expecting someone to give me a TV show or something.

I've really become enamored with Tim Ferriss and his site. This afternoon I spent around $12.00 and built a T-bar handle for kettlebell swings. Not too bad for a trip to Home Depot and 5 minutes worth of work. I did order Tim's book The 4 Hour Body.. and look forward to it arriving this week.

I've followed Nate Green for several years and he's giving away a free download of The Hero Hand Book. It's 136 pages and you should be able to take away a few new nuggets of information. hey it's not everyday that someone gives something away for free.

Accomplishments week of 2/18

Slow on posting the weeks results, it's been a crazy weekend, lots of projects.

This past week
Spent time in Boca Raton, FL, Orlando, FL & Miami, FL
Got in over 18 miles of cardio
Got in 3 resistance training sessions
Lost 3 pounds

I would love to break through into the 215's this week...lets see if it happens.

This last week I chose not to track my foods. Why you might ask? Because after 6 weeks of doing I was at the point that most breakfast, lunch and snacks were the same, the calories were the same, the carb - fat - protein ratio was the same so that left me with just really being concerned with what I was eating for dinner. I've done my numbers for the 40-4-40 and all that's left is to get in is my CE's this week.
I've been looking over the excerpts from 4 Hour Body Book and finally decided to shell out the $14.00 for a copy of my own. Tim has a blog and like most in the online, internet fitness folks it's full of all kinds of marketing hype but inside there is a bunch of free useful information. This morning I built a T-Bar for kettlebell swings for under $10.00...the idea came from Tim's site. I'll post the pics and the link later.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 So You Think You Can Squat

In their never ending quest to pay it forward the guys over at Elite FTS have put together an instructional series on squating. Their site is littered with more free dead on instructional information than you know what to do with.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb 13

It was a great weekend I managed a CT and an RT, saw a movie, cooked on the grill, cooked a turkey that we bought for Thanksgiving and cut the grass.

Since I cut the grass what would be better than tear it up with the weight wife managed to snap a picture or two of my primitive landscaping tool.

We had seen a Spaghetti Squash recipe the other night on Diners Drive-ins and Dives and tried to recreate it at home.

We cut the squash in half and boiled the squash for around 10 minutes..... while boiling we sweated garlic and onions in olive oil and then added squash, sweet peppers, zucchini and mushrooms and let them cook down

After the squash got soft we scrapped it out and added it to the skillet after a few minutes we threw in some sauce and the spooned the whole mixture back into the cleaned out squash boats.

Throw on some mozzarella and back into the oven till browned.

All in all it's one of those recipes that we'd fix again and it turned out to be somewhat healthy.

There's An App For That

I'm on the information cul-de-sac this morning and what do I find but Confession: A Roman Catholic App. For less than $2.00 (less than a tank of gas my friends) you can avoid going to confession and I guess you'd call it "Phoning It In"......Have we really become that gadget and app dependent that we stray away from live person to person conversation and interaction?
And would the priest use and iPod or an iGod.

One of the participants in the 52DC has a goal of "Device Free Thursdays" there is no way that I could make that goal. Between a couple of cell phones, blue tooth this and blue tooth that it seems that I'm never not connected. My wife and I both check e-mail on our phones before we ever even get out of bed. I check in for flights from either the web or my phone. I can't remember the last time I ever talked to a travel agent. I remember when traveling it was too expensive to use the modem in the hotel once 5 o'clock came you were pretty much done for the day, now a days if I get an e-mail at 9:00pm I feel compelled to reply. I was grocery shopping yesterday and remember seeing a bottle of wine that looked interesting I had the name of the wine but didn't know if it was a red or a I pulled out my phone "Googled" the name found the type, a picture of the label and the price range for it...all while standing in the wine isle of the grocery store (yes, that's where I find only the finest of wines).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Devils & Angels

Yep it made me laugh......also

Accomplishments week of 2/11

This past week
Spent time in Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC & Bonita Springs, FL
Barely did 4.5 miles of cardio
Got in 2 resistance training sessions
Lost 1.2 pounds

hSaw a nice number on the scale this morning, I'm down 13lbs since the start of the 52DC. My eating really suffered this week. I think I drank 4 or 5 Muscle Milks, 4 bags of Pork Rinds and probably 5 bags of Beef was one of those weeks where my food choice seemed to be Fast Food or something quick from a convenience store....My Mom and Dad did feed my Fajita's on Monday's always good to share a meal or two with them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 8

Have you ever been to Subway and gotten one of those perfect TV commercial subs? Well tonight I landed a 6" double meat Turkey sub that was truly TV commercial perfect. I found a site that will calculate the calories in a Subway Sandwich...I'm not attesting to the accuracy but at least it gives me a number to put in FitDay.

I worked out at ZX Fitness in Laurens SC. Anytime I get to workout in a gym I take advantage of as many of their resources that I can. Tonight I got to do Box Squats which I haven't done in a few months, Barbell Shrugs and my favorite - Deadlifts.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7

Got in a double header yesterday an early morning 42 minute walk with my wife.....followed by an afternoon RT session......followed by some Michelob Ultra and the game. The exercise was all good, the beer? It was OK not terrible, not great..just middle of the road.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Being the huge football fan that I am...not...I am one that's always ready for a party, Welcome Super Bowl.
As Mr Chicken relaxes in his hot tub, it'll start boiling in a few minutes, I'm readying the ingredients for Homemade Chicken Nachos (more of those damn carbs), beer and cheese dip and a huge veggie plate.

As I cut down on beer consumption my "Beer Love" does not lessen.
I picked up a 6 pack of Michelob ULTA (95 calories and 2.6 g of carbs) last night for the game. I've been down this light beer low carb road in the past, but I'm holding out that this time the taste might be different.....besides if Lance likes it, it can't be all that bad.

Accomplishments week of 2/4

This past week
Spent time in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale & St. Petersberg FL
Survived the "Warrior Dash"
Again just shy of 14 miles of cardio
Got in 3 resistance training sessions
Broke through the 220lb mark

219.6 was not that bad of a way to start a Sunday morning.

The Warrior Dash and it's death defying fire pit leap captured by SportPhoto and for the low, low price of $52.00 I can have all of my muddy memories to cherish forever.

The finish lines' Muddy Mayhem did in my warrior cap...Ugh I had a few Spring formal events on the horizon and that hat would've completed the ensemble.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb -4

I took Thursday completely off from was a long started before 7:00am and finished around 11:30pm when I pulled into St. Petersberg, Fl. When 5:30am came this morning it was just to early to do any kind of cardio.

Managed an after work RT before I fell into the Chipolte Burrito Bowl trap...The Burrito Bowl not that bad calorie-wise 570 which was OK the 65g of carbs was high but I knew what I was getting into. What put me over the edge was the 73g carb loaded Chips and Salsa....damn

As many different workouts that I've tried over the years the one below is next up on my list.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 1

4.6 miles of an evening walk........there's something to be said for walking a neighborhood and getting the lay of the land. Right at 14 miles worth of cardio since Saturday..

So far the boredom of the new template hasn't set in but then again it's only week two ahhhhh the joys of Adult Attention Disorder...that's what I'm blaming it on. The squat thrusts do get the heart rate up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan 31

Managed to get a jump on the day yesterday by nailing an RT early in the morning. I forgot how taxing DB Snatches can be on the cardio system.
Elevated-Inverted rows (Feet on a bench) from suspension straps also managed to to set a few muscles on fire.

Got in an evening walk with wife my last night, not long enough to count as any real cardio - but long enough for the two of us to talk and get caught up on all the things that are going on.

Still holding on around 221lbs and I'm thinking about throwing my diet a curve ball to see if that will restart my metabolism.