Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rewiring The Body

Two weeks into working out in a gym and my body is sore in places that it hasn't been sore in for years....but it's a good kind of sore.

Last Thursday I did over squats, an exercise that has been absent from my programs for years, and my shoulders still felt it on Friday.  Yesterday was back squat day! Due to a jacked up L1-L5 I've stayed away from back squats for the last 18 months. During that time I've done DB lunges, sled pulls and Goblet squats and really concentrated on strengthening my core. Yesterday I re-watched EliteFTS so you think you can squat series on You Tube since I've been out of the groove for a while. I managed to work up to a set of 175, far from where I had been in the past but it felt good. After I was done one of the trainers came over and said I had one of the best squat forms that he had ever seen........since he didn't try to sell me a block of training sessions I taking it as him being serious LOL.

This morning was cardio day..... a 40 minute run. I manged to knock out 3.4 miles running HIIT style. My total for the week was just under 10 miles, not bad for someone that's not a runner.

Oh yeah, I still haven't gotten on the scale to find my starting weight for this challenge.....I should have made it my goal to be under 210 instead of just losing 5lbs, oh well live and learn.


  1. Curious - why are you intentionally avoiding the scale?

  2. I've always been "Mr inspect what you expect" I have always tracked what I'm doing....this time I'm curious to see what will happen if I don't obsessively track my weight. I'm sure I will get on the scale in the next week or so.

  3. I stopped doing home BP checking because I became obsessive about it.

    I do hit the scale each morning - but I am not recording or tracking it.

    But I do miss the pictures of your feet on the scale. LOL.