Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still In The Hunt

There's 17 days left in the challenge and I'm going to have to double up to make my RT/CT and 40-4-40 goals. Work has been busy lots of travel and a week without a rental car and a different hotel every night didn't help.

I've used the gym membership as much as I can and I think it's paying off.  After being away from from a barbell for a solid year and a half I've managed to get both my deadlift and ATG squats back up to 225lb for reps. Hey, it's a start.....

I've ran over 13 miles in the last 7 days, with a couple of those runs being over 4 miles......still not a runner but I'm contemplating a few of the local mini-tri's or a 10k...we'll see.

The diet has been so-so, nothing that bad, still eating clean but more than I should and for whatever reason there has been lots of specials on beer at the grocery store.

I'm still in the hunt and trying to get re-focused.....


  1. This has been a tough challenge for me...sounds like you have figured out what you need to do..you will do it..I know it! Great job on the runs....beer specials...lol! Always something to catch your eye...right!

    Keep it going!


  2. Are you still there? Hope so.