Monday, September 10, 2012

Lots of miles and lots of meals.......

According to my FourSquare account this is my 7th week in airports...Ughhhhh.......but I'm so lucky to have a job that I love.
I'm doing a North Carolina tour this week and found myself in Charlotte for the evening. Urbanspoon pointed me to a neighboring British Pub. Down a long set of cement stairs I found myself entering a dark but cozy pub. The menu was very extensive focusing on standard British fare but also adding something as exotic a Jamaican Chicken Nachos. The "on tap" beer selection offered a few nice surprises. One of my dining partners went for the Ostrich Meatloaf and the other gobbled down Fish & Chips. Monday just so happens to be trivia night, I'm not a big trivia guy but the evening was fun.


  1. 7 weeks in airports - that "ain't no fun."

    Your Feedjit has me checking in from Booklyn.

  2. 7 weeks is too many...I'm staying close to home next week. I've found that Feedjit is not that accurate sometimes it has me 200 to 300 miles'll help to keep the Feds off my tail.