Saturday, March 26, 2016

52 Day Spring Challenge

Hope springs eternal, so they say. Spring Break has come to an end, and the day after tomorrow it's road warrior time.... and also time for 4 days into the latest installment of the Men's Health 52 Day Challenge.  While I doubt I'll get "Ripped" for summer, it's always fun to challenge myself.
The next 52 Days will be a bit of a challenge....
CE: 85 - There's 104 blocks (twice per day) to eat healthy
RT: 15 - 15 Resistance training sessions
CT: 15 - 15 Cardio sessions
PG1 Journal 8 times - I've been using Day One to journal, and this goal should help to enforce it.
PG2 Drop 5lbs - Duh.... see PG3
PG3 No Beer 20 days - I'm carb sensitive  (which means I put on the lbs), this will make PG2 an easy goal.

CE - Clean eating
RT - Resistance Training
CT - Cardio Training
PG1 - PG3 - Personal Goals

What Gets Measured Gets Done..... yes Tom Peters managed to nail it way back in the time of mullets and parachute pants..... 1982. If you don't hold yourself accountable (measured) there's  giant chance it won't get done.
Not looking to swing all political but in 1996 Hillary Clinton authored the book "It Takes a Village" (this Democratic twist just drove all my friends crazy) and I agree there is power in numbers..... hence the Men's Health 52 Day Challenge.
Time to be accountable till May, 13th 2016.

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