Sunday, June 5, 2016

Safety Is No Accident


Safety at home is a big deal, safety while traveling is a bigger deal. and here's a few reasons why.
  • You're out of your element.
  • You're at the mercy of someones, not your, definition of security and safety.
  •  If you choose to carry, it can be tough with local laws, TSA....blah, blah, blah.
Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham Airport Area 

Next time you find yourself in a hotel bathroom, take a look at the air vent (ignore the dust) and more than likely it will be installed upside down. The reason is that years ago, long before webcams & GoPro cameras, someone's kink was filming hotel patrons in the bathroom, they eventually got caught and now most bathroom vents are installed upside down.

If you watch the video above, the major take-away is that the doors open to the outside, road warriors call those down-and-outs and we very rarely stay at those. Here's a few reasons why....

  • Ever watch the TV show Cops? Have you ever seen them in the interior hallway of a hotel room......Doubtful.
  • Down-and-outs usually have an interior hallway running between the rooms, plenty of opportunities for people to scratch the backing off of bathroom mirrors and create a window into your world.
  • They are noisy as hell, think no carpet on the walkway.
While we're on the topic of safety, here's a few additional tips.
  • Never stay on the ground floor, this needs no more explanation.
  • If you're booked into an adjoining room make sure to check the lock.
  • Make sure you set the deadbolt, see the video above.
  • Let family and friends know where you're staying, consider using TripIt.
  • Grab a business card when you check in, that way when you're out you'll the the hotels address.
  • You can always place a band-aid over the peephole in the door.
  • Hotel safes are a joke. I've removed them from more closets and wall units than I care to count, the reason, because I could.
Travel safety is up to you, and the "criminals" know that most people let their guard down when they're on safe.

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