Saturday, March 3, 2012


Rituals....I don't really have many, I'm no where near OCD, for the most part I go with the flow.
But.......when it comes to shoes I do have a ritual. I usually buy a pair of shoes and then they sit in their box for a minimum of 48 hours, then I finally break them out for their initial wearing, in today's case it was a trip to the gym, then I return home sit on the bed, unlace them and put them nicely on a shelf and return to wearing the older shoes, which have now been demoted to "Everyday" shoes (i.e. worn while washing the car, cutting the grass..etc...). I go over in my mind that these are my "NEW" shoes and I plan to wear them for only exercising forward three weeks and I'll be kicking these babies off without unlacing them and where ever they land they'll stay till I need them again.....yeah I don't have many rituals.


  1. we are all alike

  2. I am traveling with one pair of dress shoes and 2 pairs of sneakers...I'm such a dork.