Saturday, April 2, 2011

Don't pull out the checkbook

Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison will make a fine commencement speaker at this year's Rutgers University graduation ceremonies. She will engage the students and inspire them with all the hard-earned wisdom of her 80 years. She also will leave the stage $30,000 richer. And that's a problem.

This is the first time that Rutgers is paying a commencement speaker. It's a bad precedent — not only for Rutgers but for other institutions that heretofore have shunned the idea of pulling out the checkbook to induce name speakers to address their graduates.

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At first read I thought this was an Aprils Fools joke (it might still be) but I was decided to watch an episode of Jersey Shore this afternoon. After losing an hour of my life that I will never get back I must say "I'm impressed" apparently "Snookie" is/was smart enough to hire an agent that could land her a commencement gig that paid $32k.....damn.

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