Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love Me Some Weekends

It's been a week....I finished up a 3 week stint on the road, it's nice to be home. My wife and went for a moonlit walk on the beach. We also had a transformer blow which caused damage to most anything plugged into an electrical socket -(1) Dell PC, (1) HP Printer, (1) Sony Wii, (1) Air Conditioner, (1) Phillips Speaker System, (1) Netgear Wireless Router, (1) 21" TV............Damn, just damn.....The damage might just be the exact same amount as our deductable.
I did manage a trip to the gym this afternoon and it felt great. Some chicken tenderloins and green beans for a dinner and possibly a long walk for the dog.


  1. 3 weeks on the road - ouch.

    Now you have an excuse for bunches of new equipment. Always a silver lining - errrrh - not so much.

  2. I wish I had an excuse but a $2000.00 deductable ughhhh the joys of living in Florida.