Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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It's the second week of the 52DC and I must say this time I'm a bit more focused.....I'm down a couple of pounds, which is always nice. It's been great having a gym at my disposal and I'm actually contemplating selling my rack, superbench and adjustable dumbbells.

Laura Phelps Sweatt of Westside Barbell breaks the all time 165lb weight class total (again) at 163lbs via 745 squat (WR), 530 bench press (WR) and 525 deadlift totaling 1800 lbs. The first woman to EVER total 11 x body weight. Truly amazing!

In keeping with the powerful ladies theme, I came across the site "Strong is the new skinny". Follow this amazing transformation...and I'm thinking of adopting Strong is the new skinny for myself.

Another site that I've added to my RSS reader is Practical Paleolithic. I know very little about the Paleo Diet but the pictures and videos are remarkable.

It was sad seeing all of the DC Earthquake devastation this afternoon, 
I'm sure FEMA will be arriving very soon
I was on Web MD the other day, it was the first time I'd been back there since being diagnosed with cancer last year. I came across a slide show of the the 9 least effective exercises.  It seems that I see most of these being done every time I go to the gym. My only regret is that they didn't list "Curling in the squat rack" as the 10th least effective exercise...or is it squatting in the curl rack that's bad.

With the addition of Jessie The Wonder Dog my cardio numbers have increased dramatically. A 6 month pup has to be walked, and walked, and walked.....We've been on a few runs (trots) together and usually after 10 minutes or so I give her a break because I had no idea if she was tired, sore dying, etc.....well last night we took her to the local dog park to see if she possessed any "Doggie Social Skills" and it turns out that she does, but she also has amazing acceleration.

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  1. So much information - so little time to comment.

    Paleo Diet -- A Low Carb diet without the research support that the TNT Diet has. But that is my own very biased opinion.

    Keep up the good work chasing the dog.
    TNT Man