Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lots Of Cool Gear

....as very everyone knows I'm a total "Gear Whore" and apparently triathlon participants have some cool, cool stuff. Last night I picked up a pair of swim Vanquisher Goggles. Now I haven't really swam in 30 years I was on a swim team when I was six, I think I joined because we got to eat powdered Jello mix (Grape, of course) between heats......inputting pure sugar into a 6 year old.....performance enhancement in it's earliest stages.........so anyways I stared at the goggle rack for a good 15 minutes having no idea what in the hell I was looking for...then I saw it it...the Vanquisher box said "Competitor" on it....that's gotta be the right pair...so I bought them. I must of looked stupid standing in the shower last night with these babies on.


  1. I'm getting a kick out reading your "progress" towards your triathlon goal.

    One step, stoke or peddle at a time and you will be there.

    TNT Man

  2. Kick is the right word, swimming is harder than I remember