Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Week In Review

So this week I spent 30 minutes in the pool thrashing about, I rode my bike 4.5 miles, ran a bit over 7 miles and threw the iron around for an hour and 40 minutes.......I have no idea if this in any way resembles a triathlon training program. I'm following (or trying) a program that I found at TriNewbies of course finding hotels with indoor pools in the winter is tough.
I think one of the weirdest things is changing up my resistance training...the hardest part is not hitting the iron every other day the second part is not trying to lift something heavy only 5 times but instead checking the ego at the door and dropping the weight and increasing the reps...this procedure does actually cause the heart rate to increase...

Speaking of heart rate I replaced by long ago dead Polar heart rate monitor. I started out looking for some sort of a waterproof timer. All I had with a timerwas my trusty Gymboss or my iPhone...neither of which are WATERPROOF.... I hit up WallyWorld looking for a Timex Ironman, which after pricing out I found that for $10.00 more I could buy a waterproof heart rate I took the plunge...after my first swim I'm not 100% convinced that it's totally accurate in the pool but I'll take it for a run tomorrow and see what we get.

Which leads me to my next topic, not really but it sounded kind of everyone know I love beer and as a matter of fact I even track my beverages via Untappd....well as I embark on a more regimented training program my plan is to partake of this wondrous beverage only once per clap please...actually this really won't be that hard as I've actually only been sipping that amazing nectar only twice per week for the last month or so......thanks to the holidays...

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