Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Road Food

After what seems to be several months of constant road travel, more like 10 days...I did manage to find some great places to eat. From Orlando to Virginia below are 3 of the best. I have manged 4 solid cardio, 1 swim and 3 resistance sessions to stave off any food damage and I think it worked the scale is still showing me between 207 and 210...I can't complain.

Another Pad Thai Night.....Two nights in a row....not the healthiest of food choices.....but this place is amazing! It's small but packed with great service and even better food.
I started with the Chicken Satay, the peanut sauce was spot on. the Chicken Pad Thai was some of the best I've ever tasted, the sauce was light and stuck to the noodles like a dog to it's bone. The were out of sticky rice for desert. Listen to what others are saying...eat a meal here...you won't be disappointed.

Saisaki was located right across from the hotel and the front desk recommended it, so despite the mixed reviews below we gave it a shot. They were serving booze, which I passed on. The menu covered a bit of everything. I started with the Hot & Sour Soup (what else is new) and went with Pad Thai Chicken. Both arrived quick and hot. The soup was thick and tasty and the serving of Pad Thai was huge and delivered with a nice presentation. We didn't have much interaction with the wait staff but they were attentive and kept our drinks full. Total $15.00  

After a long 8 hour car ride this was a welcome stop. Kevin took excellent care of us. I went with the chicken nacho's and Kevin had them layer and bake which made the cheese melt perfectly, my dining partner went with the baled potato soup, since none was left I'm going to say she enjoyed it. . A couple of beers and a couple of vodka/diet cokes and the meal was complete. $40.38 well spent.  

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  1. Eating Road Food - is better than eating Road Kill. ;)