Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016

It's funny how planning for the future can suddenly make you remember the past. Case and point, I recently signed up for for the "Men's Health 52 Day Challenge".
*** Sidebar*** the 52DC is a fun, hold yourself accountable health/fitness challenge that I did consistently up until 4 or 5 years ago.
 So now for the remembering the past part..... Since I sort of used this site for broadcasting my 52DC progress, I decided to log in, only to see no less than a 1/2 dozen draft posts over the last 3 years, so I'll save you some time and give you an update.
  • Survived a triathlon, barely.
  • Spent some time writing for the local paper LINK
  • I had 3 relatives/friends pass away inside of 6 months, this sucks.
  • Did CrossFit for the last 2.5 years "How do you know someone does CrossFit? They tell you.".
  • Still cancer free.
 That's it 5 bullet points, 1 bullet point per year.

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