Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jan 5

Today begins the Winter 52DC, and I weighed in at 231.6 a mere .4 lbs less than I weighed at the beginning of the last challenges....the holidays were very, very good to me! At first the scale showed "One At A Time Please" and just look at those little toes it's no wonder that I have no balance..

Participants have posted their goals and they range from limiting alcohol/soda, reading books and going to posting body composition pictures, to no nail covers the gamut.

I've decided on 3 Personal Goals
40-4-40 - 40 minutes of exercise for 40 of the 52 days
Warrior Dash - Participate in the Warrior Dash on 1/30
Lose 10 lbs - self explanatory.
I got an early morning 40 minute resistance training in and then hit the road North to Orlando then across the state to Sarasota. Unpacked my suitcase threw on my sneakers and shorts and headed out for an evening stroll. Runkeeper told me I walked for 41 that's 2 of my 40-4-40's out of the way.
I've been using FitDay to track my food intake, this strategy has always worked for me...inspect what you expect.
Food breakdown
Fats 35%
Carbs 27%
Protein 38%
One thing that I've learned from all the years of exercise is that my body does not react kindly to lots and lots of carbs, (Isn't beer high in carbs?) unless I'm bulking then my body is very next Monday I'll post another weigh in picture and we'll just see if the FitDay strategy pays off again.


  1. The amount of graphics on your site is amazing. I cannot even begin to go there. I am a word smith by nature and will stick with that.
    TNT Man

  2. Thanks for the complement. You do have a way with the words, I'm the opposite...I have a hard time putting thoughts into words. I use .......a lot and I'm terrible with commas, colons etc. If it wasn't for spell check my business correspondences would be horrific.