Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ahhhh Another 52DC Begins

The Spring 52DC has begun (FAQ's Here).

I've backed off on some of my goals due to an enormous workload the next month or so.
CE: 90
RT: 17
CT: 17
PG1 (Lose 5lbs):
PG2 (Walk with wife 10 times):
PG3 (Post to FitDay 30 days):

Starting weight is 217, Ughhh up a half of a pound since the end of the last challenge. I've been signed up for another Warrior the end of May, so I'd like to go in weighing under 210lbs.

It's been a tiring last week or so, I got some sort of stomach bug and re-framed from eating for a couple of days, then the time change and then a change in time zones due to has been exhausting.

I'm having a hard time getting motivated for the start of this challenge, hopefully a RT this afternoon will kick it into gear. I lost a clean eat last night....I've had 6 flights in the last week and 5 of them have been delayed due to mechanical last night once I landed it was Corned Beef sandwiches and PBR's...yes I'm back on the no beer thing for a while.


  1. You had a hell of a week - no question - if it was me - I would have put a straw into a bottle of Vodka and just gone to hell.

    Now - on with the Challenge.
    TNT Man

  2. Sounds like your week wasn't all that stellar either...I hope that you take the time to rest and recover. I actually had vanilla vodka and diet Coke last weekend on Spring Break, it wasn't all that bad.

  3. Smirnoff's makes Black Cherry Vodka - hard to find. But - mixed with diet cola - and you have one mean Cherry Coke. :-)