Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome To Monday

Make Good Decisions to Start the Week

Did you burn a lot of calories over the weekend? Did you make a couple of trips to the gym, do a lot of yard work, and watch your calories as you should?

If you did, you’re definitely in the minority.

I didn’t make it to the gym over the weekend, nor did I get much of a chance to burn calories outside as it was raining. I also had a couple of meals out with the wife where I had no intention of counting calories. That’s fine, though. I feel great.

Today is another day to make a whole new set of decisions. Read More

I subscribe to the RSS feed of a couple of hundred blogs - from health and fitness to the craziest of the craziest I skim through them each and everyday. There are some nuggets everyday, some posts that you learn from some posts that make you chuckle and some posts that make you wonder "Why did I even bother going to school". The above snippet came from 344 pounds, it's an amazing transformation and shows what the mind and body can do when you focus and apply dedication.

I seem to always do better with food and exercise on the weekends. Yes, I manage to get in my low carb beer (Yuck) but the weekends allow me to get in at least 3 exercise sessions, cook some food for the upcoming week.

It seems like most trash their bodies on the weekend and "poof" they go cold-turkey at 6:00am Monday morning only to fall of the wagon by noon on Wednesday. This whole healthy lifestyle thing is a journey, it's not a destination. There is no finish line, maybe the finish line is living with low cholesterol or without diabetes....who knows. Just because Tuesday evening you had a bowl of ice cream ( a big bowl of course ) that doesn't mean that you've undone all of the healthy stuff you did on Monday and most of Tuesday. That's part of the strategy behind the 52DC you manage to eat half of the pizza instead of the just one piece (who can really only eat one slice of a pizza) it doesn't mean that you've lost progress for the whole day. You choose to eat the pizza, don't beat yourself up over it.

It's all about taking those little baby steps and listening to what your body is saying. I know that if I miss out on exercise for 3 or 4 days I know that my mood will change, like most people I know if I load up on a high calorie - high sugar meal at some point my blood sugar will come crashing down.....I don't let the scale set my mood for the day, if I weigh an extra of couple pounds in the morning, so be it.....I just look at my weight graph and I can see that downward progression that I've been making and I know that my journey is moving in the right direction.

So welcome to Monday - it's a brand new never before used Monday, enjoy it.

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