Monday, March 7, 2011

M.I.A. .......not really......

It's been a very busy last week, but I've managed to exercise almost everyday since the challenge ended including 15+ miles of walking/running.
I've signed up for another Warrior Dash...... and can't wait for that weekend to arrive..this time "More Beer"

Starting last Monday I've done all that I can to cut as many carbs out of my diet that I possibly the end of the week I had dropped 3lbs. Around Christmas time I was at 236, 10 weeks later 213, maybe I will stop snoring now.

Along with dropping the amount of carbs that I've been eating I've traded brown rice for black beans...lets see if the rest of the household appreciates this change as much as I do. I've also been drinking more WATER.......Ugh as much as I try I just have a hard time sipping on water all day.


  1. Black Beans for Brown rice - good start. You saved 4 grams of carbs for that substitution. One cup of either is > 40 grams - your aim for the day is < 40 grams.

    Subtitute brocolli for the black beans. Check the list attached to this post:

    PS: My weight loss also substantially cut back on my snoring.

  2. Thanks for the link. The whole less carb thing is tough, but I'm sure in a couple of weeks It will get easier. I bought a few bags of frozen spinach that I've been throwing into my morning eggs.

  3. Congratulations on the weightloss! Cutting out carbs. is tough but looks like you are working your way through it!

    Good luck!


  4. BBM - it is tough I love oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes etc.....I really need to buy the TNT Book to help with the guidance part of this.