Monday, October 10, 2011

The Building Blocks.....

I have a few rules that I try to stick with....

If I'm going somewhere with a group of friends I'll drive that way I have my car and I can leave when I want to.

I don't stay in hotels with a number in their name.

I don't use drive-thru's it's easy for them to forget to put straws, napkins etc... in your bag and you don't discover it till you're home.

I don't like lending books, CD's, etc......this ones self explanitory

Occasionally against my better judgment I break these  rules and often it comes back to bite me in the butt.

Several years ago a friend asked me if I could point him in the right direction of getting healthy, so I lent him my copy of the the book of all books...New-Rules-Lifting . Several years later I'm still without the book and he's still in the same shape that he was back then.

NROL holds a special place with me, it was the first "Real" exercise book that I bought. Years ago I had just dropped 80lbs basically using starvation and cardio (knowing what I know now....not the right way) and I decided to start lifting weights again. Being internet savvy I searched the WWW and time and time again NROL came up as the place to start so I bought the book and started the program, I'll never forget the first time I pulled 200 lbs on a forward to last week and looking for a program that I hadn't done in a while I bought another copy of NROL.

I'm now on week two of the "Break In''s been a long, long time since I've done high rep sets followed by a HIIT  session...hopefully the mirror will show some results.

My 52DC results were less than desirable, I missed my CT by one session, there really is no excuse for missing by one weight loss was we fire up for the next 52 DC I plan to run trough the NROL templates, there's a years worth in the book....


  1. Jeesh - everytime I write a comment - I manage to blow it. Did you get your book back and do you have all the workout logs? Otherwise - kick his arse.

    Check my blog for most of the logs.

  2. I never got the book back and the guy is heavier than he was 5 years ago.....I found all of the logs up on Google Docs, sweet....