Friday, October 28, 2011

NROL Fat Loss II

I've been through both the "A" & "B" workouts of the Fat Loss II portion.....these high rep sets have not gotten any easier, however the high reps paired with several HIIT sessions each week has caused the needle on the scale to move back towards the left.

Oh and another thing I still can't stand single legged exercises, they never get any easier and they usually bring on the occurrence of me trying to hop on one foot while my other foot is draped over a flat other words doing all of these exercises and reps will certainly provide results.....what's the old saying "Do what your weak at you will get stronger"...well close to something like that.

I must say that I do like the exercise change up every 4 weeks or so, it weens me from my steady diet of squats and deadlifts - deadlift and squats.

Workout B      
Alternating Sets  
Snatch-grip deadlift    3x12.
T-push-up    3x12.

Alternating Sets      
Bulgarian Split Squat    3x12.
Underhand-grip lat pulldown    3x12.
Alternating Sets      
Romanian deadlift    3x12.
Lower-body Russian twist    3x12. 

1 comment:

  1. I hate Rumanians - I continue to do various single leg exercises - probably because I fear falling and breaking a hip and ending up in a Nursing Home and having peeing and pooping in a diaper.

    TNT Man