Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lost A Clean Eat This Evening......

Even though we're between challenges I still try to adhere to a clean eating plan....try is probably the key word in that sentence.
It seems as if the "Food Channel" is on an awful lot in this house and one show that's in heavy rotation is Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. For someone that eats a bunch of meals on the road and for someone that wishes to eat as healthy as possible...this is the last show that I need to be watching.
Well it turns out that one of Guy's stops was just a few miles South of the house, Sonny's Famous Steak Hogies was where Friday night "Date Night" was planned.
They say that TV tends to put 10lbs on you, well I think it also adds a few hundred square feet to a restaurant, because Sonny's looked a whole lot bigger on TV than it did in person. The place had maybe 7 booths and 3 tables......but what it lacked in size it made up for in taste. I ordered a #95 with a side of hot peppers,  the bread is baked daily on site and it was soft, fresh and all in all it was worth losing a Clean Eat as well as making a second trip on another evening......and the prices were very reasonable, the four us ate for less than $40.00.


  1. This has been an eating weekend for us. Last night was dinner out - not hoagies - way to "fancy" for that. Today was a wedding reception for a couple that got married this past summer in S. Dakota - a super buffet and deserts - had a small piece of pumpkin cheese cake. Tommorrow is my Grandson's birthday - CAKE, Then the Challenge starts - thankfully.

  2. I'm sure that both of us with our business obligations have our share of fancy "business" meals and not for nothing I'd much rather eat at some hole in the wall place any day of the week...I guess I will always eat like a 3rd grader...

  3. Love that place. Co-worker turned me onto Sonny's a few years ago. One of my favorite places to "cheat".

  4. Growing up in South Florida my two favorite sandwich shops were - The Pickle Barrel on Hillsborough Blvd which seems to still be there and Dan's on Sunrise Blvd which is long gone.