Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time for the classic

CE: 90
RT: 17
CT: 17
PG1 (Turkey Trot or Warrior Dash)
PG2 (Drop 5 lbs)

Starting tomorrow this is the plan for my next 52 days....90 meals of clean food, 17 resistance training sessions, 17  cardio sessions, a race or two and the goal of dropping 5 lbs.

I'm almost finished with the Break In template for the New Rules of Lifting and then it's onto Fat Loss II for the next few weeks.

This should be a good challenge


  1. Nice goals - Nice start - keep up the great work(out).

    TNT Man

  2. Your goals look great and I know you will hit them all! I am thinking of heading back to my NROL4W...did it over a year ago and loved the results!


  3. I hoping to hit them all this go around..the last few challenges have been rough between travel and work.
    I just finished the NROL break in template and I'm down a few pounds, those hight rep set do get the heart rate up there.