Tuesday, February 21, 2012

9 Ways to Get Rid of All the Crap in Your Life That’s Holding You Back

Another not so original idea and post from me. It's Tuesday morning I'm in an airport and I'm tired.

1. Remove Yourself From Negative Environments
This is a biggie for me.....I am a "Glass Half Full" kind of a guy.

2. Shut Down Social Spaces
Between Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Pinterest, etc.......

3. Forget About Checking Email Five Times an Hour
This one is tough, I call it the "Death of distance", between smartphones, iPads and such we are always "Connected" or "On".

4. Get Back To Pen and Paper

Years ago I took notes on a 3x5 card held together with a black binder clip and just the other day I mentioned to my wife that I need to go back to that method of tracking tasks and such.

5. Go to Bed Early
Rest is good

6. Get up Early and Utilize this Focus Time
I don't ever sleep half of the day away.

7. Say No More Often
For me this is a very hard one, I'm in the business of solving problems and more often that not that requires say "Yes" a whole bunch

8. Improve your Diet
Always a work in progress

9. De-clutter your Environment

I just cleaned closets and got rid of a storage unit last month.


  1. Saying No to all those who wanted my time for this-that-and-the-other-thing was the most important change my wife and I made. It gave time back to us for so many other things - including exercise.

  2. It does seem that people are much quicker to ask for help instead of first trying to figure it out for themselves. I get phone calls all the time asking me a product question and I have to go to the same website they need to go to get the answer, but it's easier to call someone than it is to look for it themselves.