Saturday, February 4, 2012

Win a Lobster In a Claw Machine

So the other night I'm out with friends at Andretti Karting....lots of neon, music, video games, indoor go-karts and booze..the perfect environment for a bald late 40's adult just looking to relive his teenage years.

Even with all of those distractions I was enthralled by the Lobster Claw Machine LINK   
For $2.00 you can drop the claw of death and (hopefully) yank a lobster from it's salty home..then they cook it for you and even include a free side item........Just think for the low, low investment of $4.00 you and your lady (or man) can possibly dine on fresh from the tank lobster and a couple of sides.

Since all the lobster seems sedated and huddled in the corners of the tank I had to ask the "Lobster Boss" aka the worker standing closest to the tank..."Does anyone ever catch one of these beasts?" he replied that they fill up the tank with fresh lobsters a couple of times a guess is that there's a bunch more $20.00 lobsters pulled from that tank than there are $2.00 lobsters...that's just my hunch.

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