Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Only reason That I'm Posting This

is because we had our Christmas party (don't ask) at a venue that was hosting a High School National Signing Day event.....
A Division I football recruit who was expected to make his college choice on Wednesday's National Signing Day festivities was instead in jail, being held on two charges of rape. Read More

I have no idea if Roger is innocent or guilty, that's a job for lawyers, courts, Judges etc...... I'm really not that much of a sports fan..well at least football that is...yeah I know I can have my guy card revoked for that last comment. Anyway TNT Man just posted about his wife's upcoming High School reunion and this article made me think back to 1982 and there was no one being accused of much more than failing a math or history test. What the hell has happened in the last 30 years? Why are we seemingly more tolerant of bad behavior? Disrespect? Is it MTV? Music? iPhones? I wish I knew.....

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  1. In the early 50's we were out and about in urban areas on our bikes without a concern. I used to hitch hike all over the place from age 12 right through the early 70's. Actually hitch hiked from Buffalo to Philly. Today - never. Can't even let young kids out to play without adult supervision.

    Strange New World.