Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We've all had them......for some people distractions become excuses..then excuses become a habit and then a way of life......this week has been a week of nothing more than distractions. 4 days on the road and not one stitch of exercise, not counting walking through airports.
The week started with a Monday rest day, a trip to Atlanta, a day at the office, dinner with my parents and a late night hotel check-in.
Tuesday re-hire training at the office "We're putting the band back together" phone calls, meeting...etc... Wednesday more of the same, until 3:00pm when we hold our Christmas party (don't ask)..then and 8:30 PM hotel check-in, e-mail follow ups, a PowerPoint polishing and conversation with my bride. Tomorrow an early morning meeting, an afternoon flight and an evening stained glass where during these four was/is there any exercise......a week of distractions...not habits, nor a way of life. I've managed to keep my diet in check, a beer or so this evening, but nothing that extreme. I hope my body appreciates a four day break and I'm sure there will payback Friday morning as I hit the gym...

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