Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time To Clean House

It was somewhat or a slow and laid back kind of a weekend. We bought some stained glass supplies, did some grocery shopping, cycled some, lifted some and then ended up with a few hours of down it was time to clean out my RSS feeds.
I use Google Reader and it turned out that it was "watching" over 1000 accounts...Ughhhh so it was time to thin the heard. It was interesting to see how my reading habits have changed and even evolved over the years. I had several feeds on Bento Box Lunches (which got deleted) of course Fail Blog remained as a must read. The exercise group has also evolved from Squats, Bench & Deadlifts to now include Crossfit, and weight loss journeys such as Ben Does Life.  So I guess all aspects of our life must move forward or else we just wither away.
During my work travels I often get asked about a companies presence on Facebook, Twitter.....etc....should they have one, should they avoid a "Web Presence"...and the one thing above all that I always tell them is..if they decide to create a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkdIn account is that they it, update it, groom it, embrace it, whatever...otherwise they end up on the "delete" list when it comes time to clean house.
If you don't update your "Social Media" outlet on a regular basis you are going to end up deleted or worse irrelevant. When I decide to end the life of "Fricksworld" I said good-bye..that part of my life was over, I let everyone know it and then a couple of years or so later I fired up this site as I entered another phase in my life.
I surf across a whole bunch of web sites, from tech to exercise and a number of sites in between, and if I come across a site that hasn't been updated since 2010 I'm going to be hard pressed to spend much time there.


  1. I try to "clean house" as we start each new 52DC. I try to keep an eye on which Challengers ae Blogging and which have let it go by the way side. Some I keep - out of a hope that they will power it up again. Never know.

  2. I dropped about a half a dozen 52DC's from my reader, and it was kind of sad, I always wonder if they are still exercising or where they are in their journey. Even when I dropped of the internet for a year or so I always knew that there would be a TNT Man update.