Sunday, December 26, 2010

So What To Do

Over the past 52DC's I've had a variety of goals,

Some of them have been, the percentages are where I finished the challenge at..

CE: 90/104/80 (112.5%)
RT: 17/17 (100%)
CT: 25/12 (208.33%)
PG1 (5% Challenge): 7.2/11 (65.45%)
PG2 (Walk Run 30 Miles): 72.56/30 (241.87%)
PG3 (Journal to wife): 15/15 (100%)

CE 90
RT 24
CT 10
No SODA 47

CE: 96/104/90 (106.67%)
RT: 24/24 (100%)
CT: 16/10 (160%)
PG1 (No Midnight Snacks): 51/35 (145.71%)
PG2 (Yoga): 7/7 (100%)

So now as the next challenge approaches the focus of goals comes to the forefront...I know that I've put some weight on over the last year, especially the last few weeks, so I'm sure that weight loss will be incorporated in there somewhere.

So it's the day after Christmas I'm off to workout and then to the airport to fight this Eastern snow storm.

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  1. I am a big fan of the BBOE. Done a number of the workouts. Mostly - it is packed with information and even when you are doing another workout - you can pick up pointers here. Enjoy it.
    TNT Man