Friday, December 31, 2010

Accomplishments week of 12/31

The Excel sheet above and the"Accomplishments" is inspired by (and downloaded) from Ms. Bitch Cakes.(Thank You), but I had to change the pink color.

In 2004 (thanks to Robert Scoble ) I started blogging, then in 2009 I shut that blog and took some time off......I've always been fairly anal, OCD or organized - whatever term you want to call it, with tracking things, exercise and travel so since I'm still tracking this I figured I'd store the content, once again, in a public format.

This past week:
Started a new blog........
3 nights out of town (Atlanta, GA)
Took my 68 (and last) flight of the year
Signed up for the Men's Health 52 Day Challenge
Signed up for the Warrior Dash
Worked out with my new Weight Sled & Foam Roller
Started a new workout template from Big Book of Exercises

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