Monday, December 27, 2010

The Tech Behind the Wreck

I travel a fair amount and due to new technologies there are so many ways that I can plan and track my workouts while on the road. I use both a Blackberry and an iPhone and in my opinion the iPhone puts the Blackberry to shame when it comes to the applications.

My favorite app on my iPhone is Runkeeper, it tracks your runs/walks using the iPhones built in GPS. Once your run/walk is over it uploads it to the Runkeeper website where you can see your activity trends and create detailed reports. It even creates a Google map of where you exercised. It also allows you to select your worko out type run, walk, cycle as well as stationary machines like a treadmill and elliptical,You can find local races to participate in and have friends and family watch your race progress over the internet. It even ties in with FourSquare for badges and Facebook.

Next up is iFitness and for some reason it's not currently available in the United States. It comes with a variety of exercise templates. You can easily create your own template with their exercises as well as incorporating your own exercises. There are picture and video explanation of all the exercises. Your workout history can easily be exported and e-mailed to you.

This Men's Health application has a great series of body weight exercises and it only cost .99. It also keeps a log of all your workouts and links to many Men's Health articles.

DropBox allows me to store all of my 52DC excel sheets (as well as any other file type) on the web and have access to them at anytime on both the iPhone and any PC that I log into.

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