Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ahhh The 3 Hour Time Change

It's our annual kick-off and so once again were back in Las Vegas and this year we are hanging at The Venetian. Vegas always amazes me, where else can you people drinking beer at 7:00 AM or have a hooker chasing you down the street as you're out on your morning jog...yes this happened to a co-worker...he's now jogging twice a day. The downside of Vegas for me is the 3 hour time change. Everyday out here I wake up a 3:00 one told my body that it was no longer on East coast time. So I've been heading to the hotels gym each morning....WOW....what a gym a 40' climbing wall all Hammer Strength equipment a full line of kettlebells, foam rollers etc.....
Yesterday morning I went for a 2 mile run on the "Dreadmill" as I was walking towards the weight room all red faced and sweaty one of the staff offered me a cold towel...I laughed and replied "No thanks I look worse than I feel". The Red-Eye out tomorrow night and back to East coast time...I just love Vegas.

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