Monday, April 2, 2012

Mugshots Grill On A Rainy Mississippi Night

Stumbled across Mugshots Grill and Bar this evening, better yet the 5 of us did. Since I'm still in Tri-Training mode I passed on the bar part of the evening but I did manage to find some food to consume.
We started with an order of "Mild" wangs....(the Mild was closer to Medium but still very flavorful) with a side of Chips & Salsa, which I passed on.
My order was the Peanut Butter (with Bacon) Hamburger, yes it sounds odd and looks worse but after I tossed the enormous bun out was actually very tasty.  If you're ever in Flowood MS grab a burger here and yes they do sell Budweiser Platinum I just didn't drink any of it on this visit.


  1. Got the "Ditch the bun" trick from you. I'm really trying to watch the carbs, Ughhh I've had 3 beer in the last 10 days....that's huge. Last night after dinner my traveling buddies wanted ice cream, we all went and I abstained.