Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bob Harper

I'm always into trying new and different things. After spending years and years of lifting heavy ( I Pick Things Up ) I've spent the last few months changing my training style. Lighter weights, higher reps, less stress on the skeletal system...hey I bought a bicycle and I'm been swimming the last few months.

Almost two years ago I had a bout with Melanoma and even though there's no medical evidence to back this up, but since then I'm not as strong as I once was...is it related to the Melanoma?...who knows, maybe my body wants/needs a change.

Well here's the latest change I joined Bob Harper, yeah the trainer dude from The Biggest Loser..I know what your thinking WTF.... No more chalk, No more 5-3-1, No more Westside who knows but right now I'm taking a break..a deload session of sorts.

Yes, there's a monthly fee but with it comes a three live (video) workouts each week as well daily circuits.....there's a recipe section, a section where you can journal and finally a message board area for support.

I did the first 20 minute Live Session today, and let me be the first to tell you that 30 seconds after 30 seconds of body weight stuff can put a hurting on you.....and as if you didn't already know this "Burpees" just plain suck. I still managed to get in a 2 mile run this afternoon and I am planning to do a Fitness Circuit tomorrow.

At this point one of the things that appeals to me is the use of bodyweight exercises..being on the road as much as I am this will give the chance to workout in my hotel room and not have to search out a local gym every time I want to train

I've watched as Bob has ventured into more Olympic style lifts (total cool) as well as Crossfit (which could possibly be cool). I hope to see some body composition changes in me, as well as I hope to see his fitness sessions evolve to include some Olympic style lifts and possibly yoga.


  1. Dude, I am hating the bodyweight stuff! Who needs a gym???? Burpees, push-Ups, air squats, etc......

    1. Yes the bodyweight stuff can really put a hurting on ya'. This will be interesting, it's tough to resist those sets of 5 reps with a few minutes of rest between each set. Wanna get your heart rate up just do 15 air squats, 15 push ups, some burpees a few kettlebells swings and then a set of planks.......catch your breath (not rest just catch your breath) and then repeat. Ughhhhhh, but it's a feeling accomplishment when you're done.