Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Stuff

I haven't spent much time updating this last week so here's a run down of some stuff I've come across.

Meet John Wallace III

You would almost have to know the thrill of committing to your own running streak to understand it…

I’ve run every day for the last 3,400 days.

I’ve logged a total of 11,500 miles at an average of 3.38 miles per day! My running streak has been a part of my daily routine for so long, that I can’t imagine a day without running; it really feeds itself once you get this far into it. I’m a proud member of the Running Streak Association of America, and currently hold the #135 spot on the active list of 257 members. The top four members have 40+ year streaks! At the end of October of this year, I’ll reach the 10 year mark. LINK

I'm not a runner, it's almost my mantra..I ran last night and my first mile clocked in at 10:20 is that fast or slow (the second two miles were over 12:00)? Who knows! The thing I don't like about running is the competition that I have with myself over time and distance - faster or further Ughhh. I think about John and his running each and everyday - what an amazing streak - I did 18 miles this week and I'm expecting someone to give me a TV show or something.

I've really become enamored with Tim Ferriss and his site. This afternoon I spent around $12.00 and built a T-bar handle for kettlebell swings. Not too bad for a trip to Home Depot and 5 minutes worth of work. I did order Tim's book The 4 Hour Body.. and look forward to it arriving this week.

I've followed Nate Green for several years and he's giving away a free download of The Hero Hand Book. It's 136 pages and you should be able to take away a few new nuggets of information. hey it's not everyday that someone gives something away for free.

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