Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb -4

I took Thursday completely off from was a long started before 7:00am and finished around 11:30pm when I pulled into St. Petersberg, Fl. When 5:30am came this morning it was just to early to do any kind of cardio.

Managed an after work RT before I fell into the Chipolte Burrito Bowl trap...The Burrito Bowl not that bad calorie-wise 570 which was OK the 65g of carbs was high but I knew what I was getting into. What put me over the edge was the 73g carb loaded Chips and Salsa....damn

As many different workouts that I've tried over the years the one below is next up on my list.


  1. SWF,

    That's a very long day...I don't blame you for no for the Burrito is definately one of the better choices...chips and salsa get me very hard to pass up!

    Keep it going, you are doing great!


  2. BBM - what is it with chips and salsa? I'm not much of a snacker but Chipoltes chips and salsa just calls to me and if I ever need to carb-load I know exactly where I'm going and what I'm going to buy...