Sunday, February 13, 2011

There's An App For That

I'm on the information cul-de-sac this morning and what do I find but Confession: A Roman Catholic App. For less than $2.00 (less than a tank of gas my friends) you can avoid going to confession and I guess you'd call it "Phoning It In"......Have we really become that gadget and app dependent that we stray away from live person to person conversation and interaction?
And would the priest use and iPod or an iGod.

One of the participants in the 52DC has a goal of "Device Free Thursdays" there is no way that I could make that goal. Between a couple of cell phones, blue tooth this and blue tooth that it seems that I'm never not connected. My wife and I both check e-mail on our phones before we ever even get out of bed. I check in for flights from either the web or my phone. I can't remember the last time I ever talked to a travel agent. I remember when traveling it was too expensive to use the modem in the hotel once 5 o'clock came you were pretty much done for the day, now a days if I get an e-mail at 9:00pm I feel compelled to reply. I was grocery shopping yesterday and remember seeing a bottle of wine that looked interesting I had the name of the wine but didn't know if it was a red or a I pulled out my phone "Googled" the name found the type, a picture of the label and the price range for it...all while standing in the wine isle of the grocery store (yes, that's where I find only the finest of wines).

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