Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 8

Have you ever been to Subway and gotten one of those perfect TV commercial subs? Well tonight I landed a 6" double meat Turkey sub that was truly TV commercial perfect. I found a site that will calculate the calories in a Subway Sandwich...I'm not attesting to the accuracy but at least it gives me a number to put in FitDay.

I worked out at ZX Fitness in Laurens SC. Anytime I get to workout in a gym I take advantage of as many of their resources that I can. Tonight I got to do Box Squats which I haven't done in a few months, Barbell Shrugs and my favorite - Deadlifts.

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  1. Ok - this is try #2 - love it when my finger goes astray.

    That Link includes links to a whole list of chain restaurants - Calculator Heaven - Super Link.

    TNT Man