Monday, February 21, 2011

Accomplishments week of 2/18

Slow on posting the weeks results, it's been a crazy weekend, lots of projects.

This past week
Spent time in Boca Raton, FL, Orlando, FL & Miami, FL
Got in over 18 miles of cardio
Got in 3 resistance training sessions
Lost 3 pounds

I would love to break through into the 215's this week...lets see if it happens.

This last week I chose not to track my foods. Why you might ask? Because after 6 weeks of doing I was at the point that most breakfast, lunch and snacks were the same, the calories were the same, the carb - fat - protein ratio was the same so that left me with just really being concerned with what I was eating for dinner. I've done my numbers for the 40-4-40 and all that's left is to get in is my CE's this week.
I've been looking over the excerpts from 4 Hour Body Book and finally decided to shell out the $14.00 for a copy of my own. Tim has a blog and like most in the online, internet fitness folks it's full of all kinds of marketing hype but inside there is a bunch of free useful information. This morning I built a T-Bar for kettlebell swings for under $10.00...the idea came from Tim's site. I'll post the pics and the link later.

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