Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dinner Dinner Dinner

After a long day of set-up it was time for dinner and with this group there's two things that we will always eat....Wings & Asian, hands down no argument...between the smartphones, tablets, Urbanspoon & Zagat we usually end with a restaurant that doesn't disappoint.

Last night it was House of all my years of traveling up and down Cobb Parkway I never knew tucked away in this strip mall was Chan's. The place is small and seats maybe 30 but the food was amazing. The hot and sour soup was delicious, the BBQ ribs we had for an appetizer hit the spot. The double cooked chicken had a light plum sauce on it. Someone ordered the Egg Foo Young (I hadn't even thought of Egg Foo Young since my Mom made it in the 70's) and they were monstrous patties. The wait staff was spot on with refills of water and tea.
The bill for 5 of us was $92.00.

House of Chan on Urbanspoon

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