Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey TSA!

It has been a while since I've written to you Here Here and Here that's a bunch of links to click on and the reading is lengthy and if you travel with any regularity the links contain no surprises. I know that everyone has a "Pile On" mentality when it comes to bad mouthing you and I'm not going to bring anything up about "Babies on the No Fly List" or your "Elderly Screening Procedures"....(more lengthy reading).......

I'm going to give you a suggestion, take it, leave it, ignore it....this is free, there's no "Focus Group" to pay for, no survey to put up on the web...nothing.... Have some consistency! In the last 2 months I've traveled through TSA security points at no less than 8 different airports and every one of them has had different rules on where to stand...behind the yellow line or not behind the yellow line.....wait till you are acknowledged to come forward or move forward as soon as the passenger in front of you is my shoes go in a bucket or directly on the I need to keep my boarding pass in my hand or can I put away once it's been checked? Other than the published rules about removing your laptop and your 3oz or less liquids from your luggage there's nothing written down for us to follow (oh yeah no guns).....and then get this! when we don't follow your un-published rules your employees try and humiliate us by raising their voice and talking down to us.....just a few ideas for you....and oh yeah the TSA guy in Atlanta with the bad comb-over working the right side of the screening lanes...he's not funny.....I guess the wheels came his comedy career...but him yelling at us to move up behind the lovely lady with the backpack that won't bite...or....him telling us that there's four lanes when only two of them are defined and that WE are not paying attention....really isn't funny and the act gets old real quick. I went through his lane twice in the last two weeks.

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