Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner On The Road

I'm not a huge fan of all you can eat buffets, and I'm sure by looking at me that's hard to believe but I'm not. I like most others take it as a challenge to get my moneys worth of food before my stomach needs to be pumped.
Having a hankering for Chinese food these evening I asked Siri to find a restaurant close to the hotel and she came up with Teppanyaki Grill and Buffet, then looking at Urban Spoon the place had 98 likes....rolling the dice we headed over there.
Walking in they had you pay before you ate....odd but I was hungry and like others have said there was 6 bars full of food just calling my name.
My buffet strategy is to stay away from as much of the fried or breaded stuff as possible, nothing with Orange or Crispy in its name. Look for clear sauces and not dark sauces and try to find something with a vegetable in it. Once I saw the Hibachi grill all was good, fresh beef, chicken, eggs and veggies. The was steamed crabs as well as baked salmon.....a great variety.
The Sushi was very fresh and of an excellent quality. Of course I did have to try a slice of what I call "Roller Rink Pizza", you know the type that they served at the local roller rink or bowling alley.
The desert bar was an average Chinese buffet bar, macaroons, brownies and that that rolled up sponge cake looking thing...again no offense it all looked good I choose to stay away from that  stuff.
All in all I did get my fill and it was well worth the $11.00.

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  1. Better control than I would have had. I can not enter the door to one of those places - or I go to hell in a basket.

  2. Why and I am in this hand basket and where am I going? It took a bunch of will power...a bunch of.