Monday, June 4, 2012

Caveman Good

Eight weeks ago I changed up my workout routine to more of a circuit style..three or four different exercises back to back and then rest...four weeks ago I changed up my diet to more of a Paleo style....which I adhere to except for Saturday evening which I use as a reload meal....and of course beer (lite) on Saturday and Sunday....I am fully convinced that cavemen had beer..fully convinced!

On May 5th I weighed in at 223 and this morning I tipped the scale at 15lbs in a month not a bad May. The next question is do I leave to 200's and lose me Clydesdale status for my next triathlon?


  1. LOL, yes cavemen had beer! Go for the hundreds.......

  2. I think the3y called caveman beer...grog...

  3. See you on the other side of 200. 199 has such a nice ring to it.