Friday, June 1, 2012

New Place In Town

Believe it or not our local Long Horn Restaurant closed...who would've ever thunk that. It's been replaced by a Salt Life Food Shack. I'm a big fan of the Salt Life brand so we had to give the place a chance.
We started with the Black Bean Hummus very tasty. My dining partner ordered the Shack Burger well done and it showed up with pink in the middle..not exactly well done, but it looked perfect for my dysfunctional food cravings.
I went for the Tuna Burger....for some reason I was under the impression it was tuna steak but when it arrived it was chopped tuna formed into a patty..delicious never the less..and oh yeah I had it without the bun. The sandwich's come without fries, which is OK with me. The bill came to $31.00 without booze, a bit pricy but sometimes that's what you pay for brand participation.
Oysters were $7.00 per dozen, I passed, and the tap beer selection went very deep which I also passed on.

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