Saturday, January 15, 2011

Accomplishments week of 1/14

This Past Week
3 nights out of town (Tampa FL, Nashville TN & Port Charlotte FL)
Saw snow for the first time this year
Still no beer
Lost 10lbs since Jan-5

11 days into the Winter 52DC and here's where I stand.....The Clean Eats (CE) are going as planned. The Resistance Training (RT) & Cardio Training (CT) numbers are ahead of schedule but I'm really concentrating on getting the exercise in whenever I have the time.
The 40-4-40 is a reflection of the CT's & RT's. The Warrior Dash (Mud, Sweat & isn't till the end of the month and this morning I hit my weight loss goal.

I decided to change my weigh in day to coincide with my weekly accomplishment post.
221.4 was what greeted me one the scale this morning! After all these years I've learned at least one thing about my body and it is the relationship between carbs and weight gain and weight loss.....The goal has been to keep the carbs somewhere around 150 grams, using FitDay this has been repetitively easy and I can see a daily, weekly and monthly breakdown of my calories, nutrition and weight..

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