Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24

Hanging out with my wife at Starbucks this did we ever survive with dial-up internet? Once you connect to their WiFi and hit their landing page they have categories to browse I choose wellness and then was presented with many choices one of which was local runs and rides..I clicked on the link and found no less than 25 local places to run or ride all marked with distances and elevations. Being in Florida most of the elevations were 1".

Got in a RT before a marathon day of phone calls and projects. Changed up the routine a bit...added some exercises that I haven't done in a while and this evening I can actually feel some muscle soreness in places that I haven't felt it in quite some time. That is always a welcome feeling.

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  1. How are you,i enjoy reading your blog but i Couldn't find a way to contact you thru email.I travel frequently and experience much frustration working out on the road.Do you have any tips or insights that you can share?
    Since I'm always on the road I became slightly...seriously overweight any information related to the topic would be greatly appreciated!

    I also created a facebook group geared towards this called Travel Fit for like minded people,!/pages/Travel-Fit/131968136868166