Friday, January 7, 2011

Jan 7

TGIF!.... even having Monday off the four day work week was brutal, but I did manage to stay out of the airports.
The morning started with an oatmeal, flax seed and peanut butter breakfast, followed by the grueling commute to the gym....once on the back porch a 40 minute RT session ensued.

My car needed an oil change, so while at the local Firestone I noticed that there was a park behind the it turns out the park had a walking off I went 40 minutes later the oil change is complete and I've ticked off another 4-4-40.......

"LUNCH TIME" - since I missed out on a real "Tuna Tuesday" I participated in my own "Tuna Friday"....a 2 egg, egg white, spinach, cheese and hot sauce omelet had the kitchen smelling like the local fish market but it did taste good.
The evening came and of to Sam's to stock up on chicken, veggies and red meat


  1. Impressive how you took that time for the oil change to get a workout in...many people would have sat there waiting!!!! As for the tuna omelet....I will pass! LOL!

    Sounds like a great Friday!


  2. One of the things that traveling so much has forced me to do is to become flexible with exercise time.....if I'm at home and things are rocking and rolling it can be hard to get away for a hour workout, but for example the other night I pulled into the hotel around 7:30 strapped on my shoes, grabbed the phone and talked to my wife while I walked for 40 minutes...if I had sat in the desk chair talking to her and watching TV those 40 minutes would've still passed and I would've missed a workout.

  3. That park is 2 miles from my house. Used to run there all the time. I totally forgot it was there.

  4. @sirrandall954 I grew up off of Coral Springs Drive and remember when they built that park in the mid 80's, but also forgot about it till I pulled in to the Firestone...