Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 28

I got to work from the house today so I treated myself to a homemade bowl of shrimp and brown fried rice, Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries....Mmmmm Mmmmm good. Unfortunately any gained health advantage from my lunch was lost at dinner time - 18 wings later I left a full and satisfied customer - on well a CE lost. The only saving grace might have been the fact that I had a double header today, a CE in the morning and then a RT before dinner. How did I manage to demolish 18 wings less than an hour after working out? Who knows but I did take in a whole bunch of protein at dinner.

Managed to walk at a 4MPH pace this morning...sunny and Friday...sweet.

Last session of the new template and I like it each of the sessions. I'm planning on working in some sloshpipe exercises, sled work and farmers walks. I took measurements on Jan 1st and re-took again this evening - 11lbs gone and 1" missing from the waistline, an 1" off the thighs, 1/2" off the biceps, 1/2" off of the chest and as usual nothing missing from the calves....still 19 1/2"..

A day without laughter is a day wasted. Charlie Chaplin


  1. 18 Wings = A Good Start! Just need to wash them down with the right beer.

    Now for the Translation: The wings can not be prepared with any breading or sauce with sugar in it. Plain wings with hot spices - baked or fried. The beer - two 12 oz Michelob Ultra Light.

    Try this:

    Loves me them wings. ;-)

    TNT Man

  2. Love me them wings as well. These I ordered "Naked" as I love saying that in front of my wife.....The Ultra Light Beer I just can't muster, the last time I bought a six pack and drank it all within moments...well maybe an hour..The recipe looks good I'll have to give them a try, maybe Super Bowl weekend I'm double or nothing with my Father-In-Law, there's a dollar at stake.